christopher baliwas is reallynathan

this is a search for understanding
aka answers

life. oops.
like. run - hide - fight

but theres school vs real world
still so many questions.
the answers are there.
are here? whats right?

just live (/liv/).

the present.
we train for it our whole lives (/l?vz/)
what do we do??????????????!
____ (run)

its getting dark.
i'm scared. ____ (hide)
wait. i see the light.
im just as scared.

____ (fight.)

8.625" x 6.375" perfect bound. 46 pages. photos by christopher baliwas. edition of 1.


so stay balanced!
jump for joy in the middle of a
rocking boat

____ (FLIGHT)

because i am here.
for you.
i try to be here.
for you.
sorry i cant be there.

but theres no time for hesitation.
so stop with all the sorry
and just be.


and do whats right.