christopher baliwas is reallynathan

much of my work focuses on family, the complexities of the mind, and nature. my background is initially planted in music, but shifted once the ties between its culture and my mind weakened. this deterritorialization of practice opened the opportunity to restructure my emotional coping mechanisms into ones that transferred energy to a physical form (a bit) more easily. through visually driven mediums, i feel that I'm able to let these thoughts escape my head and regenerate in physical objects - whether it be a book, print or sculpture - as opposed to endlessly looping within myself, or more specifically, my mind.

over the years I've incorporated the makings of my father into my own work as well. when it came to physical possessions such as camera equipment, cars, clothing, etc., there has always been a shared mentality of "what's mine is yours" in our family. this willingness to constantly give has influenced me to dig for what we also share spiritually and has helped shape my work to represent something greater than me. it is family. it is energy. it is infinite.
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