christopher baliwas is reallynathan

"it was all a dream", is a facsimile of print outs made by my father which were found in a box amongst several binders, where photos were sequenced out in what seemed to be random moments of time. As made obvious by the title, one can find various themes of "dreams" throughout the zine, but one in particular is the idea of sequences. Early on, the photos my father would take made little sense to me. But I have come to the realization that these countless snapshots he has taken throughout my life manages to objectively represent moments of the outside world, while still being able to draw from the infinite inner space we possess as humans. And although the popular film technique of dream sequences often separate the subjective point of view in order to present the past/dreams in an objectively observed space, this zine attempts to challenge that idea by presenting the two as one

8.5" x 11" grommet bound. 26 pages. photos by thor baliwas. edition of 20.